Bon Jovi: 2020

The reviews for the latest from Jon Bon Jovi and his current band of brothers have been less than favorable. While I cannot give a glowing critique, I can say this record will suffer from a lack of originality and a lack of touring. These songs sound a little half-baked to my ears, but I think they would sound great live when they are given a chance to fully cook. Much like his Jersey brother from another mother, I like it when Jon keeps his politics up for interpretation, but I understand it to some degree. While I don’t disagree completely with all the sentiments contained within this record, I still find some of it hard to take from someone who has made it due to the advantages America has to offer, flawed though she may be. I think this record will age better than people will expect when it can be separated from the times which birthed it. 🌟🌟1/2

UPDATE: I am liking this album the more I listen to it. Emotional and thought provoking, if not completely great. I can add another 1/2 of a star. 🌟🌟🌟

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