What’s On My Mind

Anything goes for the “What’s On My Mind” posts. I can and will share my thoughts and ideas. Nothing is off limits (within reason). Today, I am wondering why we educate our kids the way we do. I understand being well rounded, but how about including life skills and skipping all the nonsense kids don’t want or need to know unless they plan to pursue a career in a specific area. What about providing overview classes to expose students to various subjects and areas of interest, such as a sciences overview where they spend a couple weeks each getting exposed to physics, chemistry and other subjects in this area. What if we use elementary school to provide the foundation for each student and give them exposure to direct their high school curriculum in a direction of personal interests and not our current “one size fits all” approach? Every child is different and we need to start encouraging each of them to follow their passions. School should be the start of the path to success for all individuals, not something most students just complete because they have to and not because they enjoy it.

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